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Shriji also works as a marketing and branding consultant or brand marketing consultant . Shriji Entertainment is a Digital branding company. It comes with a  passion– Passion, which is molded with an intelligent sense of talent and professionalism.

We, young professionals, have hands-on experience in all the aspects of the industry which gives a tremendous force to believe with. So, Proud of our professional acumen we are constantly in the state of learning and unlearning – churning ideas that work.

This Digital branding company provides many services.

Our focus is on producing, creating and distributing high quality, innovative media. So, We provide entertainment solutions in various formats. We collaborate with the industry’s brightest and best talent to create, shape and deliver ground-breaking masterpieces.

In Industry, Shriji promises to get the best for clients keeping in mind the target audience. So, we do best to evolve our services and bring about entertainment the way it should be and work as a marketing and branding consultant.

Constantly evolving, inspiring and dynamic is the media and entertainment world. So, With Shriji’s range of services, we keep up with the altering demands and requirements.

Gaining from our networks and experiences, this Digital branding company guarantee in providing the best of innovative and integrated solutions.

Some People ask a question, What is a brand marketing consultant or marketing and branding consultant?

So, in that case,  consultants of brands provide analysis, solutions, and general marketing expertise to help companies successfully sell their products and they work for management consulting firms and advertising agencies.


Advertising is by far the fervor way of communicating with a mass audience.

So, we have the perfect insight to deliver innovative content right to screens, be it TV, cinema, etc.

Our Creative team offers specialist skills in all areas of Animation, including Concept, Character Design and, Storyboarding.

This digital branding company also offers 3D Modelling, Lighting, Effects and, Rendering.

We also produce Photorealistic Product and 3D Special Effects Visualization for Cinema and Television.

Media Consultancy, marketing and branding consultant or brand marketing consultant

We work as a marketing and branding consultant or brand marketing consultant. We propose and organize management solutions so that, we can easily address the client’s requirements and optimize their assets. Our consultant’s expertise towards providing a precise winning edge to the clients be them start-upsor the industry veterans over various media vehicles like Cinema, Television and New Media.

This branch includes Public Relations, Crisis Management, Strategy Development, similarly, the market Opportunity Identification and Assessment, Business Concept Development, Business Model Design, Alliance Partner Identification, Technology Assessment and Integration, to name a few.


Offering a unique blend of creative skills and commercial acumen and is a master in the art of thinking in pictures, still and moving pictures!. Quality and creativity are guaranteed throughout with our best Concept Directors and Shutterbugs.

The enthusiasm and passion for filmmaking whether it be TVC’s, Corporate, Ad or Promotional, or Commercial film is reflected across every facet of the journey from scripting, shooting, and editing to the final artwork. Drama, Comedy, Entertainment, Features, Documentaries, Reality TV or Lifestyle programs, spanning all major genres our team is dedicated to devising innovative concepts that break the boundaries of imagination,  therefore, our passion for story-telling is here to wow the audience!

When it comes to Photoshoots be them of Products, Fashion, Advertising and Theme Shoots, etc., the whole idea is to produce images with international appeal and to present them in a fresh and innovative way so that, it will entertain a wide spectrum of audiences and definitely appeal to our clientele.

Artist and Event Management

The most focus area in talent management is artist profile development with the media industry, be it through films, television, internet or mobile. So, Shriji’s approach is to offer a broad representation service which covers each and every element of a career of artist including his/her performance, merchandising, sponsorship/endorsement, negotiation, and development of relationships with Record Labels, Digital Distributors, companies, Publishing, and, Booking Agents.

The aim is always to provide a strong platform to develop their careers and to assist them in reaching a larger audience worldwide.

Alongside maintaining artists we also provide complete Event Management services. We perceive and organize an array of events ranging from Exhibitions, Conferences, Seminars, Product Launches, Award Ceremonies, Internal Communications, AGMs, Festivals, Outdoor similarly, the Charity events.  Perfection and Precision go hand in hand in the planning and execution of these events. Besides, these conceptualizations or experiences can also be captured on camera to deliver high quality, novel screen content by our production team.

Shriji Entertainment

Our focus is on producing, creating and distributing high quality, innovative media and, similarly, in entertainment solutions in various formats. So, We collaborate with the industry’s brightest and best talent to shape, create and deliver ground-breaking and elicit masterpieces.

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